What are the best cenotes to see in Mexico?

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What is a Cenote

Cenote, pronounced seh-no-tay, is an underground chamber that holds water. It can also be described as a sinkhole where the ceiling collapses, leaving a gaping hole with light shining through. There are four versions of a cenote, cave, young cenote, mature cenote, and dry cenote. A young and mature cenote has a collapsed ceiling, and a dry cenote is when the opening has become closed housing tress and shrubbery.

What Cenotes to visit in Mexico

If you are intrigued to visit a cenote in person, the most beautiful ones in Mexico are the following. First is Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum. This cenote is internationally famous. The name “Dos Ojos” translates to “two eyes,” which perfectly describes this cenote with two halves. One half is light and shallow, perfect for snorkeling. In contrast, the other side is darker and deeper, ideal for scuba dividing. Moreover, when visiting, Cobá, there are three cenotes that one must see. Choo-Ha is known for its stalagmites and shallow waters, Tamcach-Ha is more for daredevils as you can jump from the ceiling into the water, and Multun-Ha is a scuba divers paradise.

Is it safe to swim in a Cenote?

This is a common question, mainly because the images of cenotes can be scary-looking. However, cenotes are becoming quite a tourist attraction, so there are many rules and precautions to ensure the caves are safe for swimming. This means that no pollution can occur, and one must respect the ecosystem and nature. Additionally, if you are uncertain about coming face-to-face with any animals, you will mainly meet animals on your way to the cenotes, not while swimming.

How to plan a successful trip to Mexico

When wanting to plan a successful trip to Mexico, allow this to act as somewhat of a guide. Firstly, one needs to see if the current country they reside in is on Mexico’s no visa required list; if not, one needs to obtain one. Secondly, check the exchange rate to see how much spending money you will be able to afford. Mexicos currency is Pesos. Thirdly, there are many airports in Mexico. With Mexico City Airport and Cancun Airport being the most popular, they are also the cheapest.

Furthermore, book your flight 3-6 months in advance to remain within your budget. Due to Mexico having many cities, it may be beneficial to fly from city to city. If you have more time on your hands, you can also use the ADO bus service, which is an excellent choice for seeing Mexico safely.  Lastly, Mexico has a wide variety of accommodation, ranging from hostels to luxurious hotels.

Mexico has a plethora of cities to explore and wander through. If you want to see all of Mexico, consider flying from city to city or using the ADO bus services. Additionally, one should visit at least one of the centoes and see its true beauty while swimming in the crystal waters.