Tips for travelling within the UK during coronavirus

You should stay indoors during this pandemic but if you cant but travel, you must look out for your safety. The UK government has mandated its citizens to stay at home. However, there are some tiers of the UK that allow you to travel abroad. The risk of travelling depends on how dense the aeroplane is and the health condition of those you are travelling with. The hygiene of the airline also matters. On the aeroplane, the virus can spread through respiratory droplets from other passengers who cough or sneeze. These droplets can infect anyone near them and the chances are higher because air is recirculated in the flight. Here are tips for travelling in the UK:

Use reputable travel agencies

During the course of your trip, you will have to fly, take rides and reside in hotels among places. For this purpose, you might be patronizing Go Groopie and a hotel among others. You should check hotels reviews and reviews of all the companies you intend to patronize to know which companies customers have stated keep their customers safe from the pandemic and those that don’t. You should patronize those that prioritize the safety of their customers as you don’t want to become infected because of the carelessness of a travel agency.

Get tested and sit in the safest place in the plane

First, you have to get tested before you embark on your journey. The virus is asymptomatic, as such you may not quickly know that you are already infected. Know the status of your health will help you make the best decision as regards travelling. The safest place on the plane is the window seat. Here, you can avoid being in contact with passengers and flight crew walking on the aisle. Besides, many airlines don not fill all the seats as well, which is helpful.

Abide by the safety rules

You must keep to the safety rules. Wear your mask throughout the flight to protect yourself from any particles in the air. Practice social distancing; this is the time to limit physical touch, etc. Keep your purses and bags zipped up as this can get in contact with the virus as well. Refrain from touching common surfaces anyhow; they are prime areas of exposure to the virus. Use carry-ons, as it will help you reduce the times of hand contact with other people. Use disinfecting wipes to clean your seat, windows, tray tables, etc. before you sit on or use them. Use wipes to clean high traffic areas. Don’t forget to use hand sanitisers throughout your flight too. If you can, avoid the bathroom. However, if it is not possible to do so, wash your hands well.

Take care of yourself

Before you start flying, take a multivitamin as this will give you the energy you need. Also, stay hydrated. This will allow your body to function efficiently. You can bring along a travel pillow and blanket so that you can enjoy your stay on the flight. You can apply sterile saline on your nose to moisten it to create a protective barrier.

Isolate yourself upon your arrival at your destination

Once you get to your destination, make sure to isolate yourself. don’t run away from self-quarantine. This way, you will know if you have had the virus or not and know the right step of action to take. Never underestimate your travel experience and assume you are immune to the virus. You must keep yourself safe if you want to be safe. However stressful the experience may be, enjoy yourself while at it.