5 Top Tips for Finding a House Share in London

Moving to London is never an easy process. Finding new accommodation and a new job often weigh over expats and new visitors like the worst of burdens. If you’re relocating to London in the near future and need to know how to find a house share, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Sign up to many house share sites

There’s many flatshare and house share sites on the internet. Some you may have used before so it’s best to check that you’re still a member. If not, then Google is your best friend as it leads you to the best flatshare sites in London.

Some come with extra benefits like “Early Bird” and member events. Most websites will be free for basic membership but be aware that some of the extra benefits will cost – a monthly or weekly fee depending on the site. But it’s all worth it if you find your ideal house share in the end.

Meet your prospective housemates

The best way to find a flatmate, or indeed to find the perfect set of housemates, is to meet them in person. How do you do this? By organising a London house viewing of course. Here, you’ll not only get a decent view of the accommodation but a chance to meet and greet future housemates. You should be able to assess their suitability based on their reaction to you and whether you hit it off.

Your reaction to them and their reaction to you could seal or break the deal. They will be assessing your own suitability for the household just as you will be. Ask about their interests and reveal your own as this can be an indicator of how you will fit into the environment and atmosphere.

Some accommodation websites hold events where those looking for house shares can meet future housemates in an inclusive and lively atmosphere. Drink and talk to see if you’re a match for any group.

Stick to a budget

This goes without saying. You need to know how much you’re willing to spend per month for rent and where the red lines will be drawn. Otherwise you will never find a house share as you’ll be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Once your budget is nailed you’ll have a path to follow and discover the right house share that fits all your parameters – from finances to features.

Know your ideal location

London is bloody huge. It’s massive. The size of it simply cannot be put into words. There’s countless boroughs, zones and much more to think about when selecting the right location to live. But where to live in London? That’s up to you.

How far is your commute? Are there enough travel links? Are there any shops and essentials nearby? How much does it cost to live in the borough/zone? You need answers to all these questions.

Location can make or break an extended stay in London. If you haven’t got a list of places that take your fancy, then you’re going to struggle. Knowing where you want to be will make it easier for you to discover your ideal house share.

Be smart about London accommodation

We’ve all heard the stories. Dodgy landlords, leaking ceilings, infestation issues, rip-off rents – these stories are all common place. Well, they’re not if you’re sensible. People that have suffered these issues either didn’t do their homework, look around the property properly or were in circumstances where they had no choice to accept.

Before you sign on the dotted line, ensure that there’s nothing wrong with the room. Check for unnecessary cracks, mould, loose floorboards and all the rest. It’s best to meet the landlord in person rather than just the estate agent.

Checking for faults and being sharp witted will enable you to locate the right and efficient flatshare for you.