Tricks to Keep the Price of Staying in 5-Star Hotel More Cheap

Do you have plans for vacation, and intend to stay in the 5-star hotel with cheap price? If yes, but the funds are limited, then it must be brainstorming how to make the intention of staying in the 5-star hotel can be achieved. Moreover, if you want to vacation with family members or friends.

A large number will make the budget on vacation getting bigger. However, in fact, you do not need to worry, because there are several ways that can be done to stay in a 5-star hotel during the holidays.

Here’s how to stay in a 5-star hotel at a low cost:

  1. Mystery Hotel

Staying on a Sunday in a luxury hotel, usually the cheapest price, while Friday is the highest price. So, if you want to reserve a room, preferably not from Friday to Sunday morning. You can find economical rates for luxury hotels on The prices on this site are quite low, and when ordering do not mention your identity until you actually get a room. Some luxury hotels give big discounts, usually called “secret” or “mystery” hotels. When you get this, then you can save the budget.

  1. Newsletter

Generally, 5-star hotels have “newsletter”, then try signing up to get “newsletter” it. By having a “newsletter”, you can get information early about special offers from hotels. Large hotel groups like Accor offer special deals in luxury hotels.

  1. Spontaneity

Keep an eye on the starred hotels you want, there may be hotel guests canceling orders. Moreover, if the cancellation is done by the tour group, there will be many empty rooms available. If the order is canceled, the hotel will send the information to you by electronic mail to offer a vacant room at a biddable price.

  1. Time

Try staying in the hotels that are located in the city on weekends, because business people generally travel or return home. During this time, you can save hotel costs 40{a7b8fbad69814ea1e1111509550f653e270aa0b31b2cb6adf929f2c8d5f689f8} from normal rates. In fact, it would be better if you stay in luxury hotels over the weekend, as in 5-star hotels.

  1. Order Package

A 5-star hotel generally offers a nice stay package for its customers. Typically, these packages are packed in a teasing promotion. Consider the package for couples offered 5-star hotel. Usually, in addition to cheaper prices, the hotel also provides extra services, such as chocolate-dipped strawberry snack, a bottle of wine, for the same room price.

  1. Share

If you want to celebrate something, do not hesitate to deliver it to the hotel. Do not feel bad or the assumption will be troublesome because the hotel will help prepare the celebration to be held with pleasure. And will not have to bother and spend more.