The best exhibitions in Amsterdam

If you are planning to go to Amsterdam, a good recommendation is to visit a couple of the many museums in this city. There are about 60 museums in Amsterdam, so it doesn’t matter what kind you are looking for: you will find the best museum for you. Do you like history? Go to the Rijksmuseum. But if you happen to love modern and contemporary art, Moco Museum is the place to go. Most museums have several changing exhibitions a year, showcasing different types of art. Read on to find out which exhibitions in Amsterdam you must see.

Modern art at Moco Museum

If you are looking for exhibitions Amsterdam that focus on modern art, then Moco Museum is the place for you. The name itself is in fact an abbreviation of Modern Contemporary (Moco), so you will find plenty of modern artworks here. This is a great place for exhibitions in Amsterdam that showcase artists like Banksy, Yayoi Kusuma, Jeff Koons, and Keith Haring. And if you are looking for street art exhibitions in Amsterdam, this is also a good place to discover new street artists. Modern art exhibitions will definitely make you think, as a lot of modern art comments on problems in modern day society.

Historical exhibitions in Amsterdam

If you would like to learn some more about Dutch history through exhibitions in Amsterdam, then you cannot skip a visit to the Rijksmuseum, located near Museumplein. This museum is the national history museum of the Netherlands, showcasing objects and works of art from the middle ages to the twentieth century. They also host several exhibitions a year focusing on different themes. It’s a very big museum you can spend the whole day in, but you can also choose your favorite time period and combine a visit to this museum with some other exhibitions in Amsterdam.

Tips for visiting exhibitions in Amsterdam

It can get quite busy when visiting exhibitions in Amsterdam, especially in summer when there are many tourists in town. However, there are luckily some tips to avoid major crowds. The first is to choose the time you visit exhibitions carefully. Usually, museums are a lot quieter right after they open or just before they close. It’s also a good idea to book your tickets online in advance. This way, you can avoid having to wait in line with everyone else. Do you know which exhibitions in Amsterdam you want to visit already?