Coronavirus News And Safe Places To Travel To In The World

The new coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, is quickly spreading across the globe. Visit Norskeanmedelser for reviews from travel agencies. Public health authorities warn people not to move at all and stay in their homes as much as possible to slow the spread of the disease. As the nation grapples with an increased infection rate, Norway’s prime minister has urged everyone to “stay at home.” In Oslo and Bergen, additional limitations are in place. Many individuals arriving in Norway now face a compulsory quarantine time.

The Norwegian authorities are now advising minimum international travel, with that useful advice until mid-January 2021 unless required. Many people in Norway plan a holiday, and they remain worried about the latest coronavirus news. So here’s what is essential to know about the virus’s spread and how Norway is responding. And you can also check Momondo for updates.

In the latest Government update on travel restrictions, it was determined that individuals from a “red” country travelling to Norway would have a negative corona test upon arrival. No more than 72 hours before you arrive in the country, you must take the exam. If you do not supply this evidence, you will be refused entry.

For example, for Norwegians travelling home, people who have a place of residence in Norway, or people who often travel to Norway to work, such as from Finland, there are a few exemptions to this law. People travelling to Norway who does not have a residence place can stay in a quarantined hotel ten days after arrival.

All these said, there are some safe places to visit in other parts of the world. Here are the top 5 secure COVID destinations in Europe if you’re looking to fly inside Europe.

1.  Georgia

No needed quarantine

Georgia has been one of the least impacted coronavirus countries in the world. For music, gastronomy, diversity, and architecture, Tbilisi’s capital city is an ideal destination. The country has made extraordinary efforts to ensure healthy tourism, and there is no better time to visit this secret gem.

2.  Austria           

Certificate of Health Required

In Austria, Vienna is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations and boasts Europe’s best quality of life. From nature lovers to museum buffs, Vienna offers plenty to do. Its Christmas markets are also ranked among Europe’s best, so you know where to go this December for a healthy experience!

3.  Croatia

No quarantine

Croatia has been more vulnerable to coronavirus than any other European country, with up to 20 times less infected people. It is well equipped in healthcare and has more hospital beds per inhabitant than most European nations. The handful of cases cultivated in the country were well taken care of, and now it ranks high among the world’s healthy COVID countries. A cherry on top is that it has a massive choice of private villas, tourist apartments, and a melody of gastronomy, music, nature, and water sports!

4.  Portugal

No needed quarantine

Some of Portugal’s regions – the Algarve, Lagos, and the Alentejo – are almost corona-free. The country is an exquisite getaway, and not to mention COVID safe, from beaches framed by golden rugged cliffs and lapis lazuli waters to traditional architecture and vibrant streets.

5.  Greece

The conditional approach in quarantine

In Europe, Greece is one of the least affected nations (up to 50 times fewer people infected than in the most affected European countries). The heavenly Greek island of Corfu is just the place to bathe in the sun and relax – not to mention it’s COVID healthy. All others are, however, forced to go through quarantine, except for visitors from certain countries.

Other world’s best destinations

  1. Thailand
  2. Jordan
  3. French Polynesia
  4. Uruguay
  5. Italy
  6. Cambodia
  7. Japan
  8. Ireland
  9. And some places in Norway