Reform Ireland - Aims and Basis

1. We are a group of Evangelical Christians who, as members of the Church of Ireland have a concern for and a commitment to the ongoing reform of our denomination, so that Christ might be glorified as Lord and Saviour through the evangelising of this island of Ireland.
2. We affirm:
a) that Christ rules his Church through his divinely-inspired word, the Bible;
b) the reformed doctrine of the Church of Ireland as received in the Preamble and Declaration and expressed in the Book of Common Prayer (1926), Ordinal and Thirty-Nine Articles;
c) the primacy of the local Church and its ministries (Article 19).
3. To promote the work of the gospel we are committed:
a) to a process of reform of ourselves, our churches, and our diocese under the Word of God;
b) to prayer, biblical evangelism and continued study and teaching of the Word of God.
4. To promote the work of the gospel we therefore shall:
a) establish a network of individuals and churches in the Church of Ireland to provide prayer, resources, mutual support and encouragement;
b) start groups and conferences where members can pray, think, study, discuss and take action together;
c) publish discussion papers and circulate members with relevant information;
d) establish a correspondence course to study the Bible and Christian doctrine within an Anglican Evangelical framework;
e) maintain links and share resources with Reform [in England] and others committed to the reform of the church.
5. To promote the work of the gospel we are keen to give priority to a number of issues within the Church of Ireland, including:
a) renewed belief and confidence in the uniqueness of Christ and his finished work at Calvary;
b) renewed belief and confidence in the inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture as the final authority for Christian faith and practice;
c) fresh thinking about evangelism and issues affecting our work of proclamation;
d) the proper development of a biblical pattern of ministry for all;
e) the value of women's ministry but the inappropriateness of women presbyters exercising headship as rectors and bishops;
f) progress towards lay and diaconal administration of the Lord's Supper.
6. We are concerned about:
a) doctrinal and moral error, especially bearing in mind the rightness of sexual intercourse within heterosexual marriage and the wrongness of such activity both outside it and in all its homosexual forms;
b) the selection of ordinands for the Church of Ireland ministry, including the lack of public accountability in these matters;
c) the appropriateness of training given to all who minister in the Church of Ireland, and especially the need for Evangelical scholarship and staffing at the Church of Ireland Theological College;
d) the lack of biblical pastoral discipline within the local church;
e) the unbiblical proposal to give Holy Communion to infants and small children.
f) the need for the reform of synod and central committees especially in regard to questions of representation and timing.