About Reform Ireland

REFORM IRELAND is a sister organisation to Reform in England. Reform is a movement of mainstream Evangelicals formed in response to the Church of England's loss of confidence in the truth and power in the gospel. A similar loss of confidence in the gospel can be seen in the Church of Ireland when you consider:

  • the many clergy who deny basic doctrines of the Christian faith,
  • articles and letters dismissive of both the Scriptures and Reformation doctrine appearing in the Church of Ireland Gazette,
  • many churchgoers who rarely hear the gospel preached from the pulpit,
  • continuing difficulties experienced by Evangelical candidates in the selection process for the ordained ministry and the undermining of the apostolic faith at the Church of Ireland Theological College.

It is a time for action - prayerful, biblically informed action on the part of those who are willing to pay the price of praying, thinking, working for change and facing criticism for changing. We offer this website as a resource to those committed to the biblical reform of our church.