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New Archbishop of Armagh

Reform Ireland welcomes the election of Bishop Richard Clarke as the new Archbishop of Armagh and wishes to assure him of our prayers as he begins this new sphere of ministry within the Church of Ireland.

 We view his election as a positive appointment as we believe him to be a person of integrity with an ability to relate openly and honestly with people from various viewpoints. We have found him to be a straight talker and someone who is not prone to manipulation behind the scenes.

Though on the liberal wing of the Church (having voted against Lambeth Resolution I.10 at the 1998 Lambeth Conference), yet at the Church of Ireland General Synod in May 2012, he stood firm on the orthodox position of the teaching of the Church on human sexuality and for that we are thankful and continue to pray that he maintains that position.

 We do not envy him his task and we believe it is important that we remember him in prayer daily. He will need the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of David and the patience of Job to carry the burden of being Archbishop of Armagh.


15th Oct 2012

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