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The Consecration of Missionary Bishops for ECUSA

On 29th January 2000 two presbyters – Dr. John Rodgers, Jr. and Charles H Murphy III - in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA) were consecrated missionary bishops by a number of bishops from Singapore, South America, Rwanda, and the United States. Commentators from every perspective are agreed that this act is one of enormous significance for the Anglican Communion. Reform Ireland wishes to assure bishops Rodgers and Murphy of our prayerful support and fellowship in the Gospel as they commence their task. We believe that what motivates this act is best summarised in the words of the Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry (Pennslyvania): the two new bishops are being sent from younger missionary churches of Africa and Asia to re-evangelise a listless and doctrinally uncertain church in the West.


Reform Ireland, together with many of those who stand in the classical Anglican tradition, has been distressed by the repeated rejections of Biblical orthodoxy by bishops and dioceses within ECUSA. We trust that bishops Rodgers and Murphy will lead in mission, evangelism and church planting, congregations within ECUSA committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in obedience to the Commission He has given to His church. We also give thanks that such congregations in dioceses where God’s Word Written has been openly flaunted, have now been provided with godly episcopal oversight.


Reform Ireland hopes that this act will be a turning point in the life and witness of the Anglican Communion, and will lead us all to recover a vision of bishops as evangelists and teachers of God’s Word, overseeing missionary congregations in the task of bringing the Good News of Jesus to the lost. As a network committed to this mission in Ireland, through the Church of Ireland, we look forward to sharing in partnership with bishops Rodgers and Murphy in this task.

02th Feb 2000

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