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New Principal at CITC

The position of principal at the Church of Ireland Theological College (CITC) will soon be vacant. Much prayer and thought needs to be given to this important appointment. The College, its teaching and administration should be the concern of every member of the Church of Ireland.


Reform Ireland as part of the Church wishes to see:


  • A scholar of the first rank appointed to this post.
  • A scholar with a pastoral heart – CITC is concerned with pastors. “An ability to teach” (1 Tim. 3:2) will be a prerequisite.
  • A scholar who is orthodox in faith – the faith as expressed in the Old and New Testaments and in the Catholic creeds. “Jesus and the resurrection” is at the very centre of such a faith.
  • A scholar who is aware of both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ scholarship. Where the denomination has only one college as in the Church of Ireland it is imperative that such should be genuinely comprehensive. The comprehensive nature of the Church of Ireland is a principled one – our basic documents are the 39 Articles and the Preamble/Declaration; the latter is very much the title deeds of the Church of Ireland.
  • A scholar in touch with the grass roots (local congregations). The principal of a large Anglican College in England has warned: “In our own day and age, theologians have become increasingly detached from the communities which they are meant to serve. They have become more and more professionalised, isolated within academic theological faculties, and vulnerable to the charge of dwelling within ivory towers. Professionalisation has tended to remove theologians from within the communities of faith, and placed them within the narrow confines of the universities. Secularisation has led to a separation of personal faith and academic life; the professional academic theologian need not have any commitment to the faith or life of the Church”. (Alister McGrath, Roots that Refresh, p. 32)
  • A scholar with a heart for evangelism. The new principal should think in terms of church growth not a management of decline.



Lord of the Church, we pray at this time for the appointment of a new principal to our theological college in Dublin.

We ask you to be with the college council and all involved in this selection.

May your Word instruct them, may your Spirit lead them, and may the person chosen know your clear calling to train and impart vision to those selected for ministry in this island and around the world.

We ask this for the sake of the gospel and the mission of the Head of the Church, even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

05th June 2001

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