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The new Archbishop of Canterbury

The appointment of Rowan Williams to be Archbishop of Canterbury has been welcomed by the Archbishop of Armagh on behalf of the Church of Ireland. The Archbishop of Armagh speaks merely at a personal level and so only for himself. Those Anglicans who take the classical Anglican position and submit to Holy Scripture as the final authority, above synods and primates, have real concerns about Rowan Williams’ rejection of Biblical teaching in the area of homosexual practice. His teaching on the place of the B.V.M. also gives cause for concern.

The archbishop of Uganda has expressed concerns also about this appointment: “we need to pray for Rowan Williams because we are not sure about his beliefs. For us in Africa, homosexuality is a sin. If he does not change his mind, there will be a lot of problems and divisions” (The Daily Telegraph, 24 July 2002). We believe that Church of Ireland folk will be encouraged by this lead from Uganda

We long for a recovery of Biblical authority within Anglicanism. Many bishops are active in such a recovery. The Berean principle as at Acts 17:11 should be applied to current debates. That application should include the views expressed by Rowan Williams.

30th Aug 2002

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