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Lesbian 'blessing' in Galway church

'CHURCH CEREMONY FOR LESBIAN COUPLE' was the headline in the Irish Times on Saturday 28th September concerning an event that took place in the Church of Ireland parish of Galway and Kilcummin the previous week. These details were confirmed in the parish news section of the Tuam Diocese website, where the parish reported that 'history was made in St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church on Friday 20th September when Very Rev. Patrick Towers performed the blessing of a friendship of a lesbian couple..The Provost is reported in the City Tribune as saying it was more important to him that the doors of the church would be open to all people rather than excluding gay people.'

This 'blessing' runs counter to the clear teaching of Scripture on the sinfulness of homosexual activity. Since Scripture reveals the mind of God, it is impossible that His blessing was imparted. We cannot bless sin. A call to repentance and trust in Christ would have been more loving and more of a blessing to the couple involved, should they have heeded it.

Furthermore, this ungodly event represents a complete disregard of the 1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10 where the overwhelming majority of Anglican bishops worldwide affirmed their commitment to the traditional, biblical and Christian understanding of human sexuality. The effect of this 'blessing' will be to create division, both within the Church of Ireland and in the wider Anglican Communion.

In his address to the Anglican Consultative Council in Hong Kong last month, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, has strongly condemned those Dioceses which give support to same-sex blessings and who ignore the godly advice and warning of Lambeth 1998 against such 'blessings'.

Reform Ireland calls on the Bishop of Tuam, Rt. Rev. Richard Henderson to follow the lead of Dr. Carey and the Lambeth bishops in publicly upholding the teaching of Scripture on this matter. It is a major part of a Bishop's job to uphold the truth of the Gospel against error; to be 'ready, with all faithful diligence to banish and drive away all erroneous and strange doctrine contrary to God's Word; and privately and openly call upon and encourage others to the same.' (Book of Common Prayer) Furthermore, those who have organised this event ought to be disciplined by the Bishop.

02th Oct 2002

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