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The Launch of FCA UK and Ireland

Message of Support from Reform Ireland

Reform Ireland welcomes the launch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglican UK & Ireland (FCA UK & Ireland), held in Westminster Central Hall, London, on July 6th. Representatives from Ireland, including the Bishop of Kilmore, Ken Clarke, and the Bishop of Down and Dromore, Harold Miller, who were publicly welcomed, gathered with over 1000 people from all over the UK to hear a selection of speakers from the worldwide Anglican Communion urge Anglicans in UK and Ireland to remain faithful to the Gospel.

The day was filled with speeches from GAFCON leaders, praise and prayer, interviews with people from all over UK and Ireland, and a call for faithful Anglicans to join with the FCA movement. Those at the gathering heard from Bishop Bob Duncan, the head of the new Anglican province in North America (ACNA), as well as from a couple of Bishops from the Anglo-Catholic tradition. Whilst largely composed of Evangelicals, FCA also has attracted Charismatics and Anglo-Catholics, who have signed up to the biblically faithful Jerusalem Declaration issued at GAFCON in 2008, which defines the FCA movement.

Reform Ireland urges the Church of Ireland to disassociate itself from the ungodly and unbiblical liberal revisionism that is seeking to move Anglicanism away from its historic biblical standards of belief and practice. We urge faithful Anglicans in the Church of Ireland to sign up to the Jerusalem Declaration, affirming biblical orthodoxy, and so join in a worldwide fellowship of confessing Anglicans. We urge vestries, local churches, and clergy to join the FCA UK & Ireland, so that a clear signal is sent that the Church of Ireland stands by the teaching of the Bible, its historic formularies, and wishes to maintain a clear Gospel witness in Ireland, North and South, today.

10th July 2009

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