Primates meeting in Dublin
Reform Ireland letter sent to Church of Ireland Gazette 4th February but not published
Dear Editor,
Whilst I respect the right of the Dean of Christ Church to invite whomever to preach, I believe that his invitation to Katherine Jefferts Schori  was insensitive and divisive.  Mrs Schori and TEC have continually ignored the pleas of other parts of the Anglican Communion and consistently gone against the plain teaching of Scripture and the historic teaching of the Church catholic on the issue of human sexuality.  Despite the attempted media spin by Canon Ken Kearon, the absence of 15 Primates was not solely due to prior engagements or visa issues.  The majority of the absentees had made it clear, on several occasions and publicly, that the presence of Mrs Schori would mean they would not and could not attend.  Her very presence was a sign of the broken fellowship that exists because she refuses, along with TEC, to repent and turn back from unbiblical behaviour.
The utilisation of the worship of Almighty God for the promotion of such unbiblical teaching and behaviour is to be deeply regretted.  It is becoming more apparent by the day that we now have two churches within the Church of Ireland.  One marked by liberalism, which conforms to the culture of the day on issues such as human sexuality and another church which remains faithful to the Scriptures and the historic teaching of the faith, and which is prepared to be out of step with society.   I can only conclude that the invitation to Mrs Schori was a deliberate act to publicly acknowledge this division and to widen it further. 
I would also like to make a correction to Mrs Schori’s statement concerning the murder of David Kato in Uganda.  According to the police, and the national media in Uganda, the individual arrested for his murder was in fact a guest in Mr Kato’s home.  He claims a disagreement concerning ‘payment for sexual favours’ led to the murder.  Mrs Schori, and many others, have incorrectly stated that his murder was as the result of a  homophobic attack and because of his activist lifestyle.  I do not expect to hear Mrs Schori correct this in public, it would not suit her pansexual agenda but maybe the Dean of Christ Church would be good enough to inform the congregation of this factual error.
Yours sincerely
Rev Alan McCann
24th Feb 2011
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