Primates' statement takes biblical stance
Reform Ireland welcomes Primates' biblical stance
Reform Ireland warmly welcomes the latest communiqué from the Primates meeting in Bermuda.  We can only rejoice and thank God for the biblical leadership shown by the Primates who met together and released the communiqué for the attention of the wider Anglican family.  How refreshing to hear ‘godly leaders’ speak about fellowship and communion based on ‘confession of faith’ and not on a commitment to an institutional organisation.  Our only disappointment was that our own Primate was not amongst these leaders.  The weakness of his pronouncement on the Glasspool consecration is clearly seen when compared to the biblically faithful communiqué of the Primates.  
 Reform Ireland hopes, and prays, that those bishops within the Church of Ireland who agree with the biblical stance of this communiqué will have the courage of their convictions to state their support publicly.  As the communiqué makes clear TEC has made it abundantly clear that it is following another, different, gospel and has decided by this action to walk a different, divisive, path.  Those bishops of the Church of Ireland who hold to the biblically orthodox teaching of the Church on human sexuality must now take a public stand and support this communiqué. 
As the communiqué shows there are those within the Anglican communion who believe the ‘rubicon’ has been crossed and the time has come for a new communion to emerge which is faithful to the historical confessions of the Church and more importantly to the biblical gospel and not the gospel of post-modernity.
Reform Ireland humbly thanks God for this communiqué and for those who have remained faithful to the apostolic faith once delivered.  We ask that members of the Church of Ireland read the communiqué and ask their clergy and diocesan bishop for a public response to the communiqué.  We also ask those who are in agreement with the communiqué, and have not yet signed, to register their support by signing up with the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans.
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