Archbishop's comments on Lesbian bishop appointment
Being out of line with church order a greater sin than undermining scripture?

Reform Ireland welcomes the ‘deep regret’ expressed by the Archbishop of Armagh concerning the election of Canon Glasspool to the episcopacy in TEC.  Canon Glasspool has for many years lived with her female partner and has been an advocate for the acceptance of homosexuality into the life of the Christian church.  Archbishop Harper correctly notes that this election is not the decision of one person but the mind of TEC, which has disregarded the Windsor Report and the communiqué from the Primates of the Anglican Communion.  Whilst Reform Ireland welcomes the statement from the Archbishop it does note that at no time in the statement does the Archbishop refer to the incompatibility of this decision with Holy Scripture or traditional church teaching.  The acceptance of homosexuality by TEC is contrary  to the plain teaching of the Bible and we would have expected the Archbishop to call TEC to repent of this, and past, actions which promoted such a sinful way of life.  

 Reform Ireland also notes with disappointment that the Archbishop quickly moves in his statement to equate ACNA, and the alternative Episcopal oversight arrangements, with the sinful actions of TEC.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  ACNA and alternative Episcopal oversight are not sinful actions, nor contrary to Scripture, but are the painful responses and reactions of faithful Anglican Christians to the sinful decisions and practice of TEC and its leaders.  The Archbishop’s statement on this issue is misleading, ill-informed and has the effect of undermining those who wish to remain faithful to the Bible and  traditional Anglican teaching on human sexuality.  It also fails to take account of the recent decision of the General Synod of the Church of England to recognise ACNA as part of the Anglican Communion.

 Reform Ireland calls on the Archbishop to have more than ‘regrets’ about the actions of TEC.  We would ask him to clearly state that the action of TEC in electing Canon Glasspool is contrary to Holy Scripture and therefore cannot be accepted by any part of the Anglican communion that wishes to remain Biblically faithful, including the Chruch of Ireland.  Once again an opportunity to clearly state that the Church of Ireland will remain faithful to Scripture on this issue has been sidestepped.  We can only conclude that this is a deliberate attempt to further dilute clear  Biblical teaching in order to pave the way for the acceptance of unbiblical lifestyles into the Church of Ireland.  Reform Ireland asks the members of the Church of Ireland to remain faithful to Scripture and to call its clergy to remain faithful also.



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