6 Reasons to go on a cruise to Norway


Do you have dreams of sipping cocktails on the deck of a cruise liner enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery of Norway? Make them a reality today.

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Why should I go on a cruise to Norway?

The ultimate getaway is a cruise. Here are our 6 reasons to go on a cruise to Norway today.

1.  Sightseeing is Awesome

A cruise is the best way to see a lot of Norway in the shortest time. Norway is a fairly large country. Most of its cities and towns are along the coast, allowing ships to dock and passengers to explore each one to their heart’s content.

2.  Cheap Way of Seeing Norway

Going on a cruise is one of the cheapest methods of seeing and experiencing Norway. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Go on a cruise and save on the cost of accommodation, meals, and transport between the towns and cities. They cover all these costs on your cruise ticket.

3.  Norway is a photographer’s dream

It comprises stunning landscapes, over 300 mountain peaks, and gorgeous photo opportunities. Snap pictures as you are leaving port to get angles you wouldn’t get if you were on land. The top deck of the cruise liner is the perfect spot to set up your tripod and capture the scenery of Norway.

4.  Northern Lights

A cruise is an ultimate way to experience the wonders of the Northern Lights. Where better to marvel at the auroras than from the deck of a cruise liner in the dark oceans under cloudless skies? The best time to see the Northern Lights is from December to March.

5.  Midnight Sun

Do you want to experience the midnight sun in Norway? A cruise liner out at sea provides you with an utterly unique way to enjoy the dazzling light in a country where the sun never truly sets in Summer. Grab a cocktail and a blanket and watch the sunset from the deck with that special someone.

6.  Travel with Children

This must be the easiest way to travel with children. Stop-overs in towns and cities along the Norwegian coast will provide the kids with endless entertainment thanks to the many outdoor playgrounds, parks, beaches, and kid-friendly museums of Norway. If you choose a more family-related cruise, there is free entertainment onboard to keep children busy while Mom and Dad rest and recharge.


Read reviews of cruise companies before you book your tickets. See what each one offers, and what the costs are. Compare and choose the best option that will meet your cruise needs and budget well.